DEVOTE’s open online course’s material is (almost) ready: find us at our new website address

On the occasion of this decisive step for the DEVOTE project, a new website is available: here we are!

You will find here all the content that has already been uploaded online, the important updates that we will be making in the coming weeks and the announcements relating to the project’s current events.

Soon to be released on an open online platform, the teaching material of DEVOTE’s future OOC has been prepared by our team of partners using the Educational Content that was previously published on our website. The 6 modules of DEVOTE’s educational content are still available here, in 6 languages, and are the source of the work we are pleased to announce to be completed in these days. This teaching material will be then laid out in the form of a massive open online course, featuring content related to DEVOTE’s main target, the support to the integration of students with migrant background in schools.

Designed to provide teachers and educators with the means to better accommodate students with a migrant background who may not speak the language of their country of residence, the new DEVOTE’s pedagogical content will present specific techniques to facilitate their integration.  The target audience will be able to find in this course all the good practices we have gathered from specific pedagogical sources, as well as those we have developed especially for this project. Based on the survey of teachers, childcare professionals and students, our teams of experts have put together this targeted content in a spirit of inclusiveness, student empowerment and cultural openness.

In this course you will find out how to implement the techniques we propose, step by step, in an online course format, with sourced references, comprehension tests and examples of class work. Topics such as providing psychosocial support for students, involving families in their educational and linguistic integration, training teachers and educators to better address the needs of students with a migrant background, and assisting with language learning in schools will be tackled by the course.

In all this, don’t forget that we are looking forward to your feedback! We have opened a feedback form on the modules here and you can reach us by email at


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