Educational Content

The first output produced by DEVOTE is a set of educational tools targeted to middle and secondary school teachers and educators, aiming to help them supporting the integration of students with migrant backgrounds aged 13 to 18 years old.


The content materials were developed using a primary and secondary research, which was implemented at the launch of the project and consisted in a literature review and in a survey conducted among students with migrant backgrounds and their teachers. This research and analysis phase helped DEVOTE’s team to outline the current situation of the integration of students with migrant backgrounds into schools in the 6 target countries (France, Belgium, Italy, Slovenia, Greece and Turkey) and to define more clearly the target audience, the goal and objectives of the project. It led to the publication of “Teaching to students with migrant backgrounds – Report of primary research and literature review“.

The report’s findings allowed to put into light the necessity to provide teachers with specific guidance and tools regarding topics such as the assessment of students with migrant backgrounds, which is not widely carried out and is rarely comprehensive in Europe. It also highlighted the need for psycho-social support in schools, as mental and emotional well-being is fundamental for the students’ integration and educational progress. These matters are therefore addressed in DEVOTE’s educational content, as well as other topics identified as being of great importance, such as the difficulties encountered by students with migrant backgrounds with the national language, or the parental involvement, which is a key to their children’s integration and success in school. The educational content also aims to present the Whole School Approach, which has proven very successful with students with migrant backgrounds as it adresses their holistic needs, and more generally to present good practices in intercultural education.


The educational content is divided into 6 modules which have all been translated in all the languages of the project.

Feedback on the modules

Your feedback on DEVOTE’s educational content is very important to us as we want to make our Open Online Course as useful as possible, and no one knows better than you the issues that you face as a teacher teaching to students with migrant backgrounds or as a student with a migrant background!

So please, fill in the following survey after reading the modules:

This educational content brings us closer to the production of our second output, the creation of an Open Online Course, which will be available on our website.