DEVOTE’s online course is finally ready!

As one of the two main deliverables of the DEVOTE project, the Massive Open online Course (MOOC) is at the heart of our work.

Starring the six modules previously developed from both our theoretical research, the needs analysis compiling data from teachers and youth workers, as well as expertise on practices brought by all partners of the project, this online course is soon to be released. Through both a theoretical and a practical approach, followers of the course will be able to access content on several topics such as parental involvement or national linguistic support. Though completely free of access upon creation of a user account, this course is aimed to support educators, specifically secondary school teachers, as DEVOTE’s mission is to promote and help inclusion of students with migrant backgrounds within the educational environment. Students, youth workers and centres, researchers, school staff, associations or any other stakeholder concerned with the matter might also get interested in our educational content, a rich repository of learning and teaching resources using technology-based pedagogies.

The six modules are the following:

  • Promoting a whole school approach
  • Assessment of students with migrant backgrounds
  • National linguistic support
  • Parental involvement
  • Psychosocial support
  • Best practices for intercultural education

Each module is compiling up-to-date research on their respective topics, quizzes, short exercises and games to test the user’s knowledge, materials and examples to implement activities with students and a final test to validate the module and get a certificate.


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