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About the Welcoming Committee Strategy

When the students are setting the Welcoming Committee’s strategy, your role is not to limit them but to help them shape the plan to make it achievable and practicable. 

Here are some examples of ideas they could propose:

Information session on the functioning of the school, school visit session at the beginning of the year, review group before final exams, cultural afternoon with different dishes from around the world, monthly sports competition, help homework every evening, photo exhibition at the library, person nominated for the year for administrative advice to students, competition at the end of the year, information day on the choice of courses, distribution of a film per week on the news of a country, broadcast of a film every 2 months on the news of a country, creation of a reading group, organization of an evening a week with the parents on the interculturality, organization of an outing to the museum with the class, organization of a session on mental health with the school’s medical staff, organization of a school trip to a pupil’s country of origin, …

All ideas are valid. However, they cannot al be realistically implemented in one year, so they need to select a few, and find the match between those.

Look out for the following to advise them drawing their final plan:

Financial resources

If students are planning 10 events that require big budgets and there is not budget to make it, everyone is going to be disappointed at the end!


Continuous activities are great, but make sure students will be able to actually involve in those. Weekly activities can be really hard to implement for their already packed workload!

Stakeholders involved

Involving external stakeholders may be super relevant. But make sure they would be available before planning many activities involving them!

Respect for intercultural values

Even if the students have good intentions, make sure that the events they propose cannot be discriminating, convey bad images or hurt people.


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