DEVOTE project has done its homework!

The publication “Teaching to students with migrant backgrounds – Report of primary research and literature review” is now online!

The DEVOTE project partners have worked to outline the current situation of the integration of students with migrant backgrounds into schools in the 6 target countries (France, Belgium, Italy, Slovenia, Greece and Turkey). 

The first part of the publication consists in a literature review, with the aim to explore the existing projects, national plans and good practices targeting the education of students with migrant backgrounds. Furthermore, the report wishes to explore proposals for better preparing teachers, due to their crucial role in the process of integrating students with migrant backgrounds in schools.

"We have to understand that we are the people who can find solutions to the students' problems and engage in effective behaviours of this regard."
Teacher from Turkey
Online survey

The second part of the publication delves into the analysis of the survey the project partners have carried out between March and April 2021: more than 110 teachers and 25 students with migrant backgrounds have answered to a series of questions ranging from language barriers, parental involvement and psycho-social issues that students with an experience of migration may face.

This publication therefore represents a very important basis for the future engagements of DEVOTE: to design an Open Online Course for teachers, we had to listen to teachers and students first!

Are you curious as well about what the findings of our survey are? Run to our publication here :


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